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WITTY magazine #1 issue

limited edition of 100
numbered signature
indigo print
44 pages
digital print of 150 gr paper
15cm x 21 cm

Rafal Milach; Rafael Arocha; Ula Wiznerowicz; Diambra Mariani; Maurizio Esposito; Tommaso Parrillo; Eva Stenram; Sebastian Reiser; Laura Micciarelli; Brian Kaplan; Mathieu Bernard-Reymond; Martina CorĂ ;
Simon Kossoff.

Witty kiwi is an independent publisher foucus on contemporary photography since 2012.

Fell free to submit your work, will be a pleasure to check them,
we receive a lot of submissions and unfortunately we are not able to reply everyone.


Via Galliari, 15  
10125 Torino (IT)

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