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Nekyia - 0
Nekyia - 1
Nekyia - 2
Nekyia - 3
Nekyia - 4
Nekyia - 5
Nekyia - 6
35 EUR
by Rocco Venezia

21 x 28 cm 
72 pages
soft cover

Design by Mauro Bubbico
Foreword by Colin Pantall
Essay by Francesca Serravalle

ISBN  9788894188233
Published in may 2017

"Nekyia has two meanings; the first is the inner journey into the unconscious through which you reconnect with and heal your wounded self. The second is the ancient Greek ritual in which spirits were quizzed on what the future would be.
This book is the story of both these Nekyias, told through the contemporary prism of Greece’s ongoing economic disaster. The story takes place in the region of Epirus, near the banks of the River Acheron, a place where, in Greek mythology, the living world meets the underworld, where mortal life becomes the afterlife..."
Colin Pantall

B to B

B to B

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B to B - 0
B to B - 1
B to B - 2
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B to B - 4
B to B - 5
B to B - 6
B to B
30 EUR
By Brenda Moreno

900 copies
17 x 21, 5 cm
88 pages
soft cover
design by Paolo Berra
pre-press by La Troupe
text by  Carmen Dalmau

Published in February 2017
ISBN  9788894188226

"It is a cyclical journey. I talk about my family and the one that biologically is not, but that I consider as such. I explore the roles we play in our emotional relationships, as well as the shelter and support we find in them. I reflect on memory, the similarity in our patterns of behavior and what we reflect on the other. Also about the passage of time, the dreams and experiences that build our identity.

B to B began with a portrait of my grandfather that my grandmother kept in her wallet, whose dedication reads like this: "When you are sad, look at it and think that I am with you". In that sense, the power that encloses an image to evoke memories allows me to explore my own identity. And in this exploration the horse, which I consider to be a member of my family, serves as a bridge between the different characters in the project, symbolizing the vital force between our unconscious desires that we master and our own human nature."


L'unghia del leone

L'unghia del leone

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L'unghia del leone - 1
L'unghia del leone - 2
L'unghia del leone - 3
L'unghia del leone - 4
L'unghia del leone
19 EUR

by Aminta Pierri

Second edition of 500 copies
Afterword by Lina Pallotta
64 pages 
Singer sewn binding
4 poems 
15 cm X 21 cm7

 ISBN 9788894188219

Published in november 2016
in collaboration with Balter

"...The indistinct scenes That Appear before us are coming from a trail of memories, and family's tales, intertwined with the photographer's own wondering.
It is an exploration into the dreams and fears. The book connects place and memory, disconnected from the passage of time. It is not about the past or the future, or about the present, but still, it is a closely woven tale of history and identity..."



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1999 - 0
1999 - 1
1999 - 2
1999 - 3
1999 - 4
1999 - 5
1999 - 6
1999 - 7
30 EUR
by Iacopo Pasqui

112 pages
21 x 25 cm
52 pictures
Trade edition 25-500 copies
Special edition 1-25 copies

ISBN:  9788894188202 

Published in june 2016

" Since February 2015 and for about a year, Iacopo Pasqui started hanging out with and taking pictures of a bunch of teenagers who were born in 1999. Motivated by curiosity towards contemporary social dynamics and by the need to photograph others, he finds in this bunch of young friends a suitable dimension for his work, given the proximity and the generation gap. In the beginning he starts dictated by the prejudice to find in the lives of Alessio, Chicca, Flavio, Francesco, Irene and Rebecca the reflection of the rotten and fallen contemporary society, but in time the author reconsiders his point of view, finding out in the kids’ lives a more ordinary nature that he had expected. This work doesn’t aim at visually amazing his public, but it aims at being a research about the poetry and the purity of this age, about the innocence of these kids, and about their way to be, deep down, still children. It aims at revealing a reality that is complicated, but at the same time so normal to seems light years away from its surroundings. "



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Indago - 0
Indago - 1
Indago - 2
Indago - 3
Indago - 4
Indago - 5
29 EUR
by Yurian Quintanas Nobel

80 pages
24 x 32 cm
37 pictures
design by Underbau
arcoprint milk 150g & gardapat kiara 200g
soft cover
coproduced by Ediciones anómalas and Editions77 
published in april 2016

" I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. "
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

YET magazine
Rencontres d'Arles - Book Awars 2016 - Shortlisted

Beast by the waterfall guesthouse

Beast by the waterfall guesthouse

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Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 0
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 1
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 2
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 3
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 4
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 5
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 6
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse - 7
Beast by the waterfall guesthouse
23 EUR

By Wenxin Zhang

Edition of 250 copies
23 EUR + shipping
+handmade book jacket
76 pages
31 photos
4 texts
15 X 24 cm
Foreword by Timothy Leonido

Published in november 2015

"Beast Guesthouse is a non-linear short visual story discusses the loss and rediscovery of estrangement and desire.

I used fantasized the world as a sleeping beast, who was gigantic, bizarre, and quiet. I was able to imagine it as my secret friend, regardless of its wishes. The silence of the beast was an umbrella, shielding off most truths of the world. Everywhere was but a strange land waiting to be explored and discovered.

Once I was able to fend myself, the world changed, from a given and relatively static universe, to an ever-moving, progressing ribbon that needed to be pursued. For me, this caused the loss of one dimension.

To find my lost dimension back, I escaped from my routine life and started my trip of getting lost. I went travelling in the mountains, forest and people’s houses, where I encountered strangers, animals and waterfalls. In the photographs, the visual difference between animal and human body is blurred, as well as the senses of space and time."

Fotografia magazine

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Notes for a Silent man

Notes for a Silent man

18 EUR
Notes for a Silent man - 0
Notes for a Silent man - 1
Notes for a Silent man - 2
Notes for a Silent man - 3
Notes for a Silent man - 4
Notes for a Silent man
18 EUR

by Emanuele Camerini

Edition of 250 copies
18 EUR + shipping
Soft cover
76 pages
16 X 24 cm
Afterword by Giulia Ticozzi

Published in february 2016

"This is a voyage of initiation.
It’s a story of the gradual acceptance of another part of the self, of the twin in mutation; in one word, it is about the new, in its manifold meanings.
The images were created on a singularly-focused journey that was undertaken to rediscover memories connected to the artist’s father. Through family photographs and his own dreamlike images, Camerini accesses his emotions and at the same time behaves like an archaeologist – the splinters of his own existence are buried in the deepest layers of his memory, and in order to reconstruct these memories, he travels again through the places of his childhood..."


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Ephemeris - 0
Ephemeris - 1
Ephemeris - 2
Ephemeris - 3
Ephemeris - 4
26 EUR

by Benedicte Deramaux

Limited edition of 200
26  EUR + shipping
hand numbered
Indigo print on Fedrigoni freelife
84 pages
16,8 X 24 cm

+ color poster 30 x 42 cm

published in april 2015

"Ephemeris est le nom latin d'éphéméride, journal qui recense ou rappelle, à une échelle de temps donnée des événements du monde ou d'un territoire. En particulier, l’éphéméride qualifie un ouvrage qui note la position des astres et désigne aussi un calendrier dont on déchire chaque jour une feuille.

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.

Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. IV, 1971"



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Forcella - 0
Forcella - 1
Forcella - 2
Forcella - 3
Forcella - 4
20 EUR

by Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni

Foreword by Maria Teresa Salvati
Limited edition of 200
20 EUR + shipping
hand numbered
132 pages
16 X 24 cm

Published in June 2015

"Forcella is stabbed into the deepest guts of Naples. It's the oldest and small neighbourhood of the city, known as the home to the most violent and fierce mafia gangs. In Forcella time is suspended, frozen in a undefined era that holds the breath from postwar to the Eighties; modernity and globalisation didn’t make their way through the daily life of common peolple. Forgotten by the institutions, abandoned to the casualness, cursed forever by the 1980's earthquake, Focella is also a place where citizens follow ancient rites of friendship and politeness. Forcella seems like the archetype of the whole city of Naples. We started from this area to continue our exploration to other districts we felt had a similar atmosphere, like the Quartieri Spagnoli, Sanità, and the city beaches of the Caracciolo broad walk. Places where poverty is the queen and camorra the king."

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Happy nothing

Happy nothing

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Happy nothing - 0
Happy nothing - 1
Happy nothing - 2
Happy nothing - 3
Happy nothing - 4
Happy nothing
20 EUR

by Yurian Quintanas Nobel

Limited edition of 150
22 EUR + shipping
hand numbered
Indigo print
68 pages
15 cm X 21 cm

published in november 2014

"The desert represents decay and death. There is scarcity of water and shade, extremely temperatures and a lack of resources for humans to survive. But at the same time there is a long tradition of the desert as a place of healing, both physically and spiritually.
With the Californian desert as background, “Happy Nothing” is a personal journey that delves into the lives of its inhabitants and its secrets. Here is where ex-convicts, war veterans, retirees and people that for some reason have decided to stay outside of the society live. In these towns there is no running water, the houses are in ruins, the streets unpaved, without street lighting, there are no supermarkets or entertainment infrastructures. But despite living in this conditions, they call it the Paradise."

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